Is your life filled with high stress and worries, to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion? Do you feel overwhelmed with life’s demands and on edge, like you are always playing catch up despite trying your hardest to relax? Is your restlessness and racing thoughts negatively impacting your work, relationships, and overall well-being? If you answered yes to any of these prompts, you might be 1 of 18 million Americans who have an anxiety disorder. That is a staggering 18.1% of people. Though your anxiety may feel very lonesome, you are not alone; several people before you have walked through life with anxiety and several more will experience it after you. Take comfort in know that although anxiety is real, it is also highly treatable. You did not choose your anxiety disorder, but you CAN choose to do something about it. That is where we come in.

Our team of trained clinicians have experience walking with individuals through similar struggles. Whether you have had anxiety your entire life, your anxiety was triggered by a traumatic event, or it is simply an anxiety-provoking season of life, therapy can be helpful. What will that look like? Sometimes it will involve talking about past events, other times we will identify triggers and coping skills, while other times it will involve learning, journaling, and mindfulness practices. In this process, we will use the strengths you already possess to uncover your power and resiliency.

You likely have some questions or concerns about starting therapy. Initially therapy may feel uncomfortable for some people. Talking with a stranger about such personal information can be scary. Rest easy knowing that most clients assure us after their first session that there really was not much to worry about. We strive to be accepting and non-judgmental; we are here to help you, not shame you. Once you feel that connection with your therapist, your anxiety will likely soon decrease. You also might worry about your personal information staying private. We are required by law to maintain confidentiality, however. Therapy is therefore a safe space for you to think whatever you want, feel whatever you want, and say whatever you want. You may share as much or as little as you like without fear of your therapist gossiping or telling other’s your private information. Perhaps you also wonder if this is going to work. Though no form of treatment can be 100% guaranteed, therapy is backed by research and can be highly effective.

Do not let another day pass struggling with anxiety. Your life can be so much more than tension headaches, constant worrying, insomnia, and racing thoughts. Call us today at 909-452-7684 to set up an appointment with one of our therapists.