How Quitting My Job Saved My Career

The Attitude of Gratitude

by Amanda Flores, AMFT, #111774 Thanksgiving is next week and we can take our memories back to elementary school when we used to make little crafts of what we were thankful for. As little kids, we were practicing gratitude. But what about now.. As an adult? How are you cultivating gratitude? Let's step out of our daily hustle and bustle...[ read more ]

Taking Care of You: the Importance of Simple Self-Care

By Brian Berman One of the first things patients learn in either a hospital or rehab setting is that before taking care of anything or anyone else - take care of yourself. You are no good to your family, friends, employees, students, or co-workers if you are not taking care of yourself. If you think of yourself as the rock...[ read more ]

Why Yoga?

Odds are that at some point or another, you’ve seen a yoga class offered to the community. Maybe you’ve seen them pop up in your gym, the community center, or a post on social media. Depending on the source, it may have contained some variation of the following: “*Improve flexibility! Relaxation skills! Build strength! Calm your mind! Overall health benefits!”*...[ read more ]

5 Suggestions for Coping with Grief at Work

The loss of a loved one is one of the most painful tragedies that humans suffer. The impact of this loss is usually crushing, and in the aftermath of loss, we often feel like we have no control over anything. Grief is a natural response to loss. It’s perfectly normal to detach yourself from your normal existence to grieve. Unfortunately,...[ read more ]

4 Signs Your Partner is Potentially Being Unfaithful

Remember when Ashley Madison, the website that helps people cheat on their spouses, was hacked? As news spread, many of us probably wondered if our own partners would be capable of cheating.A survey by polling company YouGov uncovers some rather startling statistics. When they asked roughly one thousand Americans about their fidelity, 21% of men and 19% of women admitted that they had,...[ read more ]