Do you feel your life has no purpose? It may feel as if you are disconnected and stuck? There is HOPE. You will learn this in our first session. HOPE exists! You can find your way out of any situation and learn who you were meant to be. Being a VICTIM is a choice, would you like to let that identity go? I know I did, and I am grateful I walked away from that life. Let me teach you how to communicate with your friends and family, I can teach you how to make new choices, as choices really do create the life you want to live. These new choices offer you the clarity you are seeking so that you can life your best life.
I am an intuitive person by nature. For some reason I am able to connect with people easily and people seem to respond to that. Yes of course I am trained as a good clinician/therapist, yet I lead with my heart. Each session unfolds organically. Each session will be a special experience, uniquely created for you. Let’s put aside all those psychological words that probably mean nothing to you anyway and get you to a place of healing.

I have a passion for life. Giving birth to my first child brings me great hope for possibility for the future of all of us. I am excited for the new possibilities for your life to unfold. I believe in your ability to live that best life. I was able to walk through my own journey of healing and now I want to take you to yours. Are you ready?
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