All relationships encounter challenging seasons. Whether you just started dating, or you have been married for forty years, you will encounter difficult situations with your partner. We have been working with couples, married and unmarried, for many years and have developed various techniques and approached. Our goal is to teach you and your partner to work through these various problems – we cannot eliminate the inevitable stressors in life, but we will equip you with the tools needed to work through problems using healthy conflict resolution skills.

We are also trained in Prepare and Enrich, a useful assessment that can help during the pre-marital process. Prepare and Enrich uses a team and strengths-based approach to help you to understand where you are stuck as a couple and how to negotiate issues that are made evident by the the testing process.

Parenting may also can be a large source of stress in your relationship. Whether you are part of a blended family, there is a new baby, or you are navigating co-parenting, children and parenting issues effect our relationships. Let us help you to deal with these very common problems. Please contact us at 909-452-7684.