Individual Therapy

We all face struggles from time to time. Problems like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and personality disorders are very real mental illnesses that negatively impact our everyday life. The impact can be emotional and physical, and typically makes life hard, tiresome, and lonely. Maybe you do not have an official diagnosis but you have noticed that you struggle with some of the following issues: anger, substance use problems, hoarding, grief and loss issues, mood instability, trauma, food and weight issues. If you found yourself saying “Yes” to any of the aforementioned, YOU might be 1 of 5 Americans who struggle with mental illness in a given year.

Individual therapy can be the start of change for you. Although you did not choose your mental illness, you can choose to do something about it. By coming to therapy, you will do some of the following: learn about yourself, have a safe space to process and talk, and you will benefit from the guidance of a Master’s Level Clinician who is trained in treating various disorders and life problems. You and your therapist will work together to bring about the change, healing, and growth you desire.

Let one of our trained clinicians help you to heal from your current life circumstances. Please contact us at 909-452-7684 to learn more about how we can help.