Karisa Quick

Do you secretly feel less than and want to be accepted as you are? Why don’t we talk about the BIG stuff? Do you feel worried or depressed? As a member of the LGBTQ community, I can support this community as well as other’s that feel marginalized in society. Has your church wounded you from oppressive religious standards? As a member of the gay community, are you afraid you will be found out and be shunned by those you love? You may feel traumatized. Why call it anything? Life is just hard. If you desire to grow as a person and want to learn to show your authenticity without fear of judgment, I am here to support you.

I offer a non-judgmental empathetic viewpoint. I’m here to understand your underlying pain. Let’s collaborate during your entire therapeutic process. We will start with your goal. I believe you have the ability to reach your full potential. As a therapist I will meet you where you are at and offer you acceptance throughout your healing process.
Hope and healing are possible. I believe that you deserve to be understood and affirmed for the unique individual you are. Acceptance is so important. Judgment puts people in boxes. Whether you experience worry, depression or shame, if you desire healing from your pain, I would love the opportunity to address your very personal and profound feelings.