Tracy Leal

Are you in pain. Do you eat to numb yourself from the emotions that you really don’t want to feel? A lot of my clients tell me that people think it’s ok to comment on your weight. For some reason, Mom will say, honey you will really need to lose weight. When she herself has her own issues, as we all do. What is the ideal weight, how can someone else decide that for you? It’s as if other’s have a perception of what you should weight and then they think it’s ok to comment if you aren’t that weight. Heck who would want to be at the weight, someone else tells you to be at. Aren’t we as humans, resistant, sometimes stubborn. Do you ever wonder if the people around you are trying to manage their own inner turmoil by attempting to control your every move? I know good question right? Look we all have been through something, maybe something that didn’t make us feel safe. After a while we push aside our own needs and take care of other’s instead. Would you like to be accepted and loved for who you are. Let’s work to this goal. You deserve an amazing life, as humans we all do.
I am here to listen, sit with you in your pain. I hope you see me as a genuine individual, as I hope to see you as well. My heart goes out to you and the hard life you have had. I would love to offer you place where you can let down your walls and not feel like you need to stay strong. A place where you don’t feel judged.
Weekends are best for her Saturday and Sunday, 4pm or later Monday-Thursday, Friday all day
Specialties, Open to learning all populations